Need answers for your awakening?

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Hey there you beautiful being of light. You've come to the right place. My name is Vesuvius Percival, I'm a spirit guide and scholar seeking to assist others on their path via philosophical counseling.


Now my guess is you've arrived here by no mere coincidence. The awakening process, also known as the ascension journey, can be quite confusing at times, figuratively turning everything you know upside down. This can be nerve wracking, causing loneliness, depression anxiety, frustration, you name it. However, know that this is quite common. Through the awakening process you are actually blossoming and breaking away from the conditioning of society. Meaning you are waking up to the truth. In reality, you are in the midst of a beautiful journey that will unlock your maximum potential, and will take you to new heights of self-discovery and freedom that most don't even dream of.

I myself began my awakening of consciousness when I was eleven years old. While my road was not idyllic it did give me an enormous amount of time to study, meditate, and learn. Now in my heightened state of awareness and peace I wish to be of service to those in need.


Below is a list of topics I can assist you with through 1 on 1 philosophical counseling:

● Spirituality & Awakening                  ● Communication

● Religion & Mysticism                        ● Business & School

● Philosophy & Psychology                  ● Health

● Life Purpose                                     ● Fear & Addiction

● Relationships                                    ● Anger & Frustration

● Sexuality                                          ● Depression & Anxiety

● Inspiration & Empowerment             ● Society & Ancient History

What you can expect from our 1 on 1 live video sessions

 ● Expansion of Consciousness - New ways to perceive all of life and shift into healthier mindsets which generates more creativity and innovation.

 ● Equanimity - The ancients' secret to remaining calm, composed, and sometimes even hearty laughter in the face of normally troubling problems. You will become a master of navigating difficult life challenges.

 ● Self-Knowledge - The primordial understanding of what you are really made out of. As a result you'll come to a better peace of mind, understanding your full potential, and a deeper recognition of the intricate beauty that is life.

 ● Healthy Self-Love - A key ingredient for reigniting your spirit, becoming a beacon of inspiration to others, developing a sense of empowerment, understanding your true purpose, and ending any negative self-talk you have.

 ● Healing Transcendence - The ability to become enamored with awe, much like a young child's first visit to a zoo. This capacity further creates a blooming mind-body-soul-spirit connection directly elevating your health. You will be able to release judgments and heal your past wounds.

 ● Fundamental Awareness of Spiritual Science: The discernment to detect higher truths, see the encompassing corruption of humanity, and a better understanding of your own psychic and spiritual gifts.

In total, I offer a highly personalized approach tailored to each client. With compassion and understanding, I work with each individual to help them build on their strengths and attain the personal growth they are committed to accomplishing. However, by no means will I spare you from uncomfortable truths, as is with many traditional therapeutic services. My style is to be direct and honest while being supportive, all in relation to informing you of deeper understandings via the lens of spirituality, awakening, and the esoteric. This highly individualized approach is then expanded upon for your own healing by providing you with tools of philosophy, psychology, meditation, and other practices to empower you and help you create the awareness for you to transcend your own suffering, realign with your natural state of abundance, and find out who you really are.

I recognize that making the choice to embark on the therapeutic journey of awakening is a difficult one and consider it a privilege to share that journey with you. So if you're looking for answers from a reliable source with a satisfaction guarantee, please contact me at "" We will then schedule a free consultation where you can learn more and see if my services are aligned for you.

Finally, if you are looking to truly dive into the depths of spirituality, awakening, and working in depth with me on a regular basis, I recommend considering becoming a student of gnosis under my guidance. This is where nothing is off the table and I can really maximize your ascension journey. However, I only work with a select few students at any given time to ensure an optimal experience, so availability is limited.

Take care, you are a blessing,

- Vesuvius