Personal poet

Hey there beautiful soul, are you looking for a wordsmith to express the essence of a particular feeling or experience? Maybe you want to give a unique gift to someone for a special occasion. If so, then hiring a personal poet may be perfect.

Currently, I, Vesuvius Percival, am working on finishing a book of


poetry, in between my other projects, and as a result I am also offering my poetic writing services for a limited time as to incorporate fresh creativity for my work.

You see, poetry as an art form is a way to paint our experiences or feelings in a romantic way so we can further process them. That is to say, romantic as in the wider definition of 'ideal', 'raw', and or 'impactful', and with depth to dive deeper for a connection or understanding of the subject. Likewise, poetry is a way to speak beyond simple description, to really draw out the awe and profoundness of that which is described.

Additionally, poetry isn't meant to only describe happy, pleasant, or loving experiences. Poetry can also be a way for us to more fully process our darkness. With that in mind, as to show you that if you'd like a poem on something a bit edgier, I'd like to share a 'darker poem' with you that I wrote for someone to help them process feelings with their father.

A Father’s Discord

There is so much resistance
With all his angry persistence. 

And I’ve heard it a thousand times,
His ego betrays him with passionate crimes.

The so called innocent jests, which we all truly detest.
It is but ignored fear that has torn our family in two,

And I’ve taken my stance in hopes of aiding circumstance,
Yet my endearing resort 
Of little love words fall short,

In fact, now I’m all alone,
Tired and true,

I feel black,
I feel blue,

Blue as the cold arctic waters,
Black as the emptiness in space.
What did I do to receive such disgrace?

Yet I know within him there is a light,
But is he willing to face himself in the ultimate fight?
Or will I have to veer my own path
To avoid anymore of this tragic bloodbath?

A bit heavy right? Now while that was a bit on darkness, let me reassure you I can assist you with nearly any subject: Joy, love, pains, hopes, ambitions, career, friends, pets, illness...etcetera.

Here is a third example on love:

Soft Mountains

Entwining mother earth with beauty, grace, and strength,
She looks upon the world vibrantly.
Her eyes are soft mountains cladded with light, 
Flowing ever so gently,
Slowly cascading into the horizon.
Glistening sweetly below,
Ravines caressed in water breathe life to all in sight,
Her rivers of passion stream yearlong,
Will you be there when she sings along?

How this process will work; You inform me either through e-mail or a call on what you want to express and then give me as many details as you see fit. Even sharing images, written Facebook/Twitter posts, or a video is helpful; essentially anything that will help me have clarity for your vision.

This is a premium and limited time service. I charge $100 per poem, and in return you will receive a poem crafted on a typewriter and mailed to your address. Furthermore, I must mention that I may choose to use these poems in future publications, so if you are looking for a fully disclosed poem, or a cheaper alternative, there are many other poets who would appreciate to work with you. Lastly, if you'd like a haiku, medium, or long poem, simply ask upon request.