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Are you an individual going through a spiritual awakening and are struggling to some degree with coping with the current state of affairs of the 3D world, and are looking for answers?


Have you ever been curious about how the world is actually going to become a better place, and perhaps what your role is in all of this?


Are you interested in learning about the depths of your spiritual awakening to an unprecedented degree that will take you to a level of empowerment you never thought was possible, showing you how to unlock the abundance you've always dreamed of?


If you are someone who has dealt with some of these issues or the common loneliness, frustration, and confusion that usually accompanies awakening in a global society that is ignorant of spiritual awakening, then I've got you covered.

In The 5-Day #GetWoke Challenge we are going to further explore your awakening, learn about some esoteric secrets, where the awakening community is headed, and how we are going to save the world, all the while helping you understand your journey and reach that new level of living life to its fullest that you've always wanted.

If you've been looking for that next step, bit of inspiration, key insight, to make a real difference, or some more people to be a part of your tribe and spiritual awakening process, then look no further and come along for the ride that will help you become the hero of your own journey. This is the sign from the universe that you've been looking for!

You Are About To Explore...


How Awakening Functions!

The integral steps of how the ascension process works, and what that means for you, your loved ones, and humanity.

Your Right To Abundance!


Tap into the your natural state of abundance by understanding universal laws so that you no longer have to chase or prove your value to achieve your dreams.

How To Reclaim Your Power!

Are you looking to step into yourself like never before, or to expand the greatness you've already developed? By reclaiming your power you will learn how to live life on your own terms.

Shifting Into 5D!

Do you ever have troubles with how mainstream "3D" pressures you? Learn how to transmute those issues to work for you.

Find Your Tribe!

The spiritual awakening process is much more fun and easy to handle once you have community. This challenge will help you connect with high vibing individuals that will encourage your growth and healing process.

Attract Love


Whether you're looking for more friends, "The One", or to deepen all of your relationships, learning how to move into greater heart based action will lead you to a more fulfilled life, attracting all that you need.

As a fun bonus, there will be daily giveaways for those who participate!

Event Days:

• Day 1 - Awakening & Psychology

• Day 2 - Law of Attraction & Spiritual Science

• Day 3 - Quantum Healing & Processing Trauma

• Day 4 - Business, Finding Purpose, & Your Sacred Jewel

• Day 5 - Relationships, Tribe, & Awakening Culture

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