Hello there, I hope you are doing well. I, Vesuvius Percival, founder of Enrich Your Journey, am currently open to investors or sponsors for my many inventions, innovative business ideas, and development in academia. With my polymath expertise and sheer determination I intend to develop a wide array of resources for a better horizon of tomorrow for all of humanity, but I need some assistance.


As odd as it may sound, I have spent most of my life in relative solitude, living in the middle of nowhere, relentlessly training, working, and learning to bring great new life to society. You see, since my consciousness awakened at the age of eleven, I took it upon myself to learn what would be the greatest way to revolutionize the world. Being deeply passionate I became solely influenced by the great minds of the past, thus I heeded much of their advice as law.


Fast forward seventeen years and I am now ready to enter into execution phase. I intend to start with seeking the funding needed to finish and publish my groundbreaking fields of academia, expand Enrich Your Journey as an awakening news platform that promotes community, along with getting my inventions to market. In return, I plan on continuing to use these resources to funnel them back into the quest for humanity's liberation, the quest to execute #OperationSaveTheWorld




To cause true change many fundamental aspects of society need to be revamped and integrated. While there is much more work to be done, over the years I've been studiously crafting new alternatives and improvements for consideration.

A noninclusive list of my academic work I intend to publish:

​• Neomatriarchalism (Field to balance the collectives & outdate feminism)

• Spatial Politics (~Urban Design + Feng Shui + Vastu + Bioenergetics)

• A Map of Consciousness

• Development in Collective Consciousness - Social Psychology

• Development in Utopian & Revolutionary Theory

• New Economic System

• New Form of Government

• New Theology

• New Code of Morality

• New Education System

• Linguistic Improvements

• Agricultural Improvements

• New Modality for Treating Disease and Cancer


While breakthroughs in academia are needed to constitute a wave of revolution, they likely won't do the job alone to the degree I envision. However, inventions often have a more direct tangible impact on society. Plus, developing capital is also a huge benefit for new movements. While I have a list of inventions that will cause a huge stir in society, the first invention I intend to develop to bring in funding for the rest of my inventions, business ideas, and innovations is:

Bowlies - “World’s Smallest Cannabis Plants"


While I do not support the abuse of medicinal herbs, I do support cannabis being used, where appropriate, over Big Pharma. As you likely know by now, we are on the cusp of the "Green Rush", and Bowlies has near infinite potential. Bowlies are completely unique with no competitors, a distinct culture, has high margins for profits and returning customers, along with vast potential for global expansion. Not to mention, because Bowlies are miniature cannabis plants which can be held in one’s hands, as they gain popularity it will further de-demonize society’s perspective on cannabis as a whole, thus improving the global collectives understanding of cannabis and further influencing the "Green Rush". Bowlies may even prove to speed up or enhance testing procedures on cannabis plants as well, a bonus for research.

As for more details on this product, my fields of academia, and my other inventions, I require the signing of an NDA first.

Now I ask, "Do you love humanity and wish to see it flourish? Do you want to work with the most ambitious man on the planet for the sake of the people?" If so, please feel free to contact me and together in solidarity we can begin changing the entire paradigm of global society. I wish you a great rest of your day, you are a blessing. Never forget that.

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