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prevent covid-19, A secret hidden in plain sight!

You're tired of hearing about it I get it, but here's a one minute read on something that could completely help you when dealing with the Covid-19 virus:

Consider wearing copper jewelry or using copper infused fabrics such as face masks, gloves, or even bed sheets.

Copper has been known for its anti-microbial powers since at least Ancient Egypt.

In studies, it has been shown that copper alloys give a 58 percent reduction in infection rate.

"In a study published in the journal mBio, it was shown that copper surfaces can quickly kill the coronavirus 229E.

How this works:

Copper ions -- electrically charged molecules -- kill dangerous viruses by destroying their genetic material. Copper ions do this by interacting with oxygen and changing the oxygen molecules. As a result, the virus cells cannot mutate."

BOOM! It's really that simple. Plus there are many other health benefits to wearing copper.

If you're interested here's a 2 minute video on more properties of copper:

Stay safe everyone, with love,


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