Philosophical Counseling

 Becoming a Student of Gnosis

Gnosis Tree of Life

There is a way to discover the hidden truths of reality,

Yet few in number are they who wish to truly see it.

What is philosophical counseling?

The main points of philosophical counseling is to awaken your consciousness, understand and apply philosophy in your life, and to uncover illumination as to embody it. This process deepens one's capacity to introspect and garnish tools as to provide meaningful wisdom and solutions to all problems in life. In another sense, understanding philosophy in it's most simplistic form is to contemplate "How to be and what is". Therefore, philosophical counseling is to guide other's in learning tools of how to be and what exists. Thus, through this process it helps one's psyche reach a healthier state, which in turn flourishes the ability to overcome stress no matter if it comes from trauma, relationships, finances, physical and mental health, life purpose, loss of a loved one, you name it.

Now contrary to what you will find about philosophical counseling on the web, it is not a new tradition. In our ancient history the master's of knowledge taught students, to the best of their ability, exactly what the student needed to know in order for the student to spiritually progress. They did this in a very delicate manner, for learning certain esoteric and sacred data too soon can also lead to an abuse of power or misunderstanding and therefore hinder one's spiritual awakening development. It is here where I aim to begin teaching others the forgotten pathways of illumination that most philosophers and psychologists have no clue about. In essence, by working together we will be cultivating the resurrection of lost knowledge. This conservation is quite sacred to my own path. Therefore, I will only be working with a few carefully picked students at any given time, which just as importantly will allow us to ensure you are receiving thorough attention.

As for becoming a student of gnosis, you will be taught how to separate beliefs from truth. The simplified premise is to experience firsthand for ourselves what is real from false. Through experience we develop conscious knowledge. We can then meditate on information, practice it, test it out, and determine if it holds merit. However, this has to be done with pure intent of truth seeking. Put simply, through gnosis is how we overcome the dilemma of Theory A vs Theory B, no beliefs, simply understanding or not.

Truly gnosis is a direct method for escaping suffering and experiencing true reality. It allows us to transcend suffering with firsthand experience, and to use the aide of the mind as an instrument to go beyond the mind. And we must go beyond the mind, for the mind not mastered creates delusion after delusion, keeping us from illumination, our enlightenment. Additionally, the entire process of gnosis is universal, found in every religion, and is free of dogma, politics, separatism, and fanaticism.

What you can expect by working with me:


 ● Expansion of Consciousness - New ways to perceive all of life and shift into healthier mindsets which generates more creativity and innovation.

 ● Equanimity - The ancients' secret to remaining calm, composed, and sometimes even hearty laughter in the face of normally troubling problems. You will become a master of navigating difficult life challenges.

 ● Self-Knowledge - The primordial understanding of what you are really made out of. As a result you'll come to a better peace of mind, understanding your full potential, and a deeper recognition of the intricate beauty that is life.

 ● Healthy Self-Love - A key ingredient for reigniting your spirit, becoming a beacon of inspiration to others, developing a sense of empowerment, understanding your true purpose, and ending any negative self-talk you have.

 ● Healing Transcendence - The ability to become enamored with awe, much like a young child's first visit to a zoo. This capacity further creates a blooming mind-body-soul-spirit connection directly elevating your health. You will be able to release judgments and heal your past wounds.

 ● Fundamental Awareness of Spiritual Science: The discernment to detect higher truths, see the encompassing corruption of humanity, and a better understanding of your own psychic and spiritual gifts.

 ● Monumental Abundance: Through your awakening process you will uncover what is keeping you blocked from happiness and prosperity in every sector of life. You want to know how to manifest a better business, relationship, or family dynamic? No problem! You will learn how to manifest exactly what you need in life both material and immaterial, and you will discover what prevented it from happening prior.

All in all, becoming a student of gnosis grants a direct awareness of how to truly interpret life, gain self-mastery, and transcend the proverbial mundane lies society has been feeding you since birth. However, in understanding the depths of life, the road forward isn't always smooth. My teachings while on one hand hold great benefit, they can at times cause more existential questions that shatter your current paradigm of understanding. This process can cause temporary psychological discomfort that can be overcome. I warn you of this not as to scare you away, but to inform you that expanding your consciousness comes at a cost. "There is a price to be paid for every increase in consciousness. We cannot be more sensitive to pleasure without being more sensitive to pain." - Alan Watts.

So while our end goal for you is to transcend all suffering, the journey isn't always smooth sailing. In total, my teachings are raw, genuine, and meant to challenge you so you grow in power and authenticity, transcending all barriers you thought
you once had. While I may be counseling you to overcome your daily and chronic issues, by no means will I spare you from painful truths, if you want to play victim in life and give away your power, please go seek traditional therapeutic methods or someone who is in the field to steal your money. I am here to help guide you into unleashing your full empowerment, into becoming a living breathing powerhouse of resplendent authenticity.

Lastly, in my teachings I do not take a dogmatic approach, yet there are key teachings that are found in many traditions that are necessary to grasp as to unfold the larger picture. So while you will be guided into discovering the deeper aspects in life via your own map, there are some key understandings such as karma that are universal laws.

My Philosophy and Background:

My philosophical counseling approach stems from a lifelong journey of seeking truth for the benefit of humanity, which started with the awakening of my consciousness
at age eleven via reading Buddha's life story. From here I studied extensively outside of the system because I determined that it was outdated and corrupt.

Now as a master of gnosis, polymath, and spirit guide the way we will be addressing your journey will be highly individualized and catered, becoming more fruitful the more we work together. However, as a guide I will be teaching you how to awaken your own consciousness further so that you may become more aware of your own capacity.

I am merely here to teach you how to draw and read your map, but you must walk your own path. In total, I will be reinforcing that you truly are your own greatest guru, and that you are already whole. You are already enlightened and more powerful than you perhaps realize. Truly, all we are doing is dusting off that dazzling jewel that resides within you so that you can reclaim and reignite your spirit, your full authenticity. Ironically enough, this means that my true goal is to make myself obsolete so that you no longer need any guidance besides the universal connective power that already rests within you.

My expertise stems from a broad range of studies which includes, but not limited to:

 ● Philosophy  ● Psychology ● Astronomy ● Taoism ● Classical & Zen Buddhism         ● Hinduism ● Christianity ● Mysticism ● Occultism ● Theology ● Astrology                ● Education ● Human Design ● Health & Nutrition ● Ancient History ● Futurism
 ● Sexuality  ● Language  ● Communication  ● Science 
● And much more...

What you can expect in our interactions

 ● Full confidentiality: All of our interactions will remain completely confidential. Your privacy is important to me and will be guaranteed and handled professionally.

 ● The Learning: The key information we will start with for your journey is understanding enlightenment, spirituality, awakening, gnosis, emptying your tea cup, and meditation. We will then expand into the basics of human design, law of attraction, and shadow work. The rest will be determined by what I sense is best suited for your growth. You will of course be encouraged to ask any questions for guidance, ask for alternative exercises and philosophy as needed, or ask questions purely out of curiosity. Essentially, it depends on how much work you are willing to put in.

 ● References: I will occasionally refer books, music, podcasts, articles, etcetera to you at your own interest. In addition, you will be introduced to my personal list of spiritual awakening associates depending on what growth you need. This of course will be voluntary.

● Kindheartedness: While I will be straightforward with my communication about your learning process and the blockages I see within you, I will always do so with great compassion. In addition, if you for whatever reason you find yourself in severe emotional turmoil of any sort please feel free to call me. I can't promise I will pick up in that moment, but I will do my best. You as an individual and student of mine I hold in the highest regard. Your development is sacred to me.

● Satisfaction Guarantee: I have yet to work with anyone who was not completely satisfied from their results of working with me. I intend to keep it that way. Our work together will help you further discover how to turn your life into living magic, guaranteed.

  What Is Included


You will have regular direct messaging access to me via WhatsApp or another agreed upon medium. In addition, you are free to opt in for voice and or video messages from me if that suits you.


Once a week, upon an agreed time, we will have a 1 on 1 live video call. These tend to range from 1-3 hours on average. Essentially, they will be as long as you need the connection for your learning and or emotional processing.


Once a month you will receive a virtual monthly calendar that is scheduled with your recommended practices, rituals, and exercises. This keeps it very easy for you to practice, as well as test out what does and doesn't work for you so that we may continually refine it for your expansion.

Lifetime access to every course in Awakening Master Academy.

If you are interested in this rare opportunity that won't always be around, please fill out an application and I will get back to you shortly. If I am interested in working with you, we will then at your preference schedule an initial consultation to further determine if this experience is suited for the both of us.


1. You must be 18 years of age or older and fluent in English.

2. You must have an open mind and true passion for exploring the great mysteries of life.

3. You intend to help develop awareness and love across humanity in some shape or form, even if it is only within your personal relationships.

You are a blessing, and I appreciate you spreading more warmth into this world. I love you unconditionally. Take care, your friend and potential teacher,

         - Vesuvius