The vision


As reference, I think in terms of hundreds of years, but we have to start the foundation now.


Put simply: My vision, my dream, is to create a society where you can achieve all of your dreams. Some refer to this as "Heaven on Earth" or paradise. It is essentially a place where your great great grandchildren will look back in history and be able to say, “Thank you for doing what was right even though it was difficult. Thank you for giving me the chance to live a healthy life.”

In technical terms: My goal is to reverse engineer the utopian state and get our planet on track to a Type 1 Kardashev Civilization by methodically and systematically taking on the front of everything that is preventing humanity’s liberation. We must multilaterally raise our global collective’s ethos and logos through media, the arts, and teaching with a primary yet non-dogmatic emphasis on understanding awakening and spreading the information on developing and incarnating christ consciousness, aka 5D, for each individual being.


Furthermore, with precision we must drastically reconstruct the social-ecosystem of this planet through all societal mechanisms until an egalitarian like possibility comes to fruition. Lastly, for this to have any success we must earnestly destroy the oppressive shackles of corruption and tyranny that are preventing the psyche of the masses from flourishing, in addition to unleashing the technological advancements that will help get our planet into abundance and prosperity. Effectively in parallel, and with the power of the people, I intend to extend Nikola Tesla’s work and dream.


In contrast, all this is possible and I know how we can do it. Since I first started my journey I have been crafting the blueprints for how we ought to go about this.

Are you someone who is interested in assisting or working alongside a passionate humanitarian revolutionary with endless determination? If so than you've come across the right person. Together, let's show humanity the dream of all dreams. Let's save the world.

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