a beacon

of light

At age eleven Vesuvius stumbled upon a book that would forever change his life. This book contained the life story of Gautama Buddha and the truth of the suffering of the world. As a result, he vowed to make as large of a difference as he could. Thus began his quest for knowledge.

Over the course of his adolescence he scoured for every bit of information he could get his hands onto. Then one day he came across Plato’s philosopher king, a leader who possesses both love for knowledge and the people. From that day forward he took it upon himself to learn the ways of the philosopher king and began utopian studies.

From here Vesuvius has developed a wide understanding of the human condition and now freely shares his discoveries. Today he works on philosophy, inventions, and raising awareness through discussions of spirituality, humanity, and the awakening of consciousness.

“One day, every voice will be heard. Every child, woman, and man will be acknowledged and loved for the sacred jewel that they are. It is through you, my tribe, that must take it upon yourself to listen to what is within you. We must face both our light and darkness to confront the evils of today. This will not be easy, but the price of liberty is constant diligence. All I need you to do is listen to your heart so that you may witness and experience the gifts that humanity is capable of.  Will you be there with me to see the light of tomorrow my friends, my family?” - Vesuvius Percival